REVerence is a convolution tool that allows you to apply room characteristics (reverb) to the audio.


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This is done by processing the audio signal according to an impulse response – a recording of an impulse in a room or another location that recreates the characteristics of the room. As a result, the processed audio sounds as if it were played in the same location. Included with the plug-in are top quality samples of real spaces to create reverberation.


REVerence can be very demanding in terms of RAM. This is because the impulse responses that you load into the program slots are preloaded into RAM to guarantee artifact-free switching between programs. Therefore, you should always load only those programs that you need for a given task.

Program Matrix

A program is the combination of an impulse response and its settings. These include reverb settings, EQ settings, pictures, and output settings. The program matrix allows you to load programs or to view the name of the impulse response.

Program name

In the upper left corner of the plug-in panel, either the name of the loaded impulse response file or the name of the program is shown. After loading an impulse response, its number of channels and the length in seconds are displayed for a few seconds.


This button opens a browser window showing the available programs. If you select a program in the browser, it is loaded into the active program slot. To filter the list of impulse responses by room type or the number of channels, for example, activate the Filters section (by clicking the Set Up Window Layout button at the bottom left of the window).


Click this button to load your own impulse response files from disk. The files should have a maximum length of 10 seconds. Longer files are automatically cut.

Program slots

Use these slots to load all the impulse responses that you want to work with in a session. The selected program slot is indicated by a white frame. Used slots are shown in a different color. Double-clicking an empty program slot opens a browser window, showing the available programs. Clicking a used program slot recalls the corresponding program and loads it into REVerence. If you move the mouse over a used slot, the corresponding program name is displayed below the active program name.

Smooth Parameter Changes

This button is located between the program slots and the Store/Erase buttons. If it is activated, a crossfade is performed when switching programs. Leave this button deactivated while looking for a suitable program or an appropriate setting for an impulse response. Once you have set up the program matrix to your liking, activate the button to avoid hearing artifacts when switching between programs.


Stores the active impulse response and its settings as a program.


Removes the selected program from the matrix.

Programs vs. Presets

You can save your REVerence settings as VST plug-in presets or programs. Both presets and programs use the file extension .vstpreset and appear in the same category in the MediaBay, but they are represented by different icons.


A REVerence preset contains all settings and parameters for the plug-in, that is, all loaded impulse responses along with their parameter settings and positions in the program matrix. Presets are loaded via the Presets pop-up menu at the top of the plug-in panel.


A REVerence program only contains the settings related to a single impulse response. Programs are loaded and managed via the program matrix.


Presets are useful in the following situations:

  • To save a complete setup with different impulse responses for later use (for example, different setups for explosion sounds that can be reused for other scenes or movies).

  • When you want to save different parameter sets for the same impulse response so that you can later choose the set that best suits your needs.


Programs offer the following advantages:

  • Up to 36 programs can be loaded into the program matrix for instant recall.

  • A program provides a quick and easy way to save and recall the settings for a single impulse response, allowing for short loading times.

  • When automating a project and loading a REVerence program, only one automation event is written.

    If you load a plug-in preset instead (which contains a lot more settings than a program), a lot of unnecessary automation data (for the settings that you did not use) is written.