Triggering Patterns

If you want to modify your drum patterns in Beat Designer while working on the project, you can trigger the patterns from within the project.

You can trigger the patterns in Beat Designer using note-on events. These can either be events on a MIDI track or be played live via a MIDI keyboard. Which pattern is triggered depends on the pitch of the MIDI notes. The trigger range is four octaves starting with C1 (that is, C1 to B4).


  1. Open Beat Designer for a track.
  2. Activate Jump.

    In this mode, a MIDI note-on event triggers a new pattern.

    • To trigger the patterns using a MIDI part containing trigger events, you can specify whether the pattern is switched instantly (at the moment the event is received) or at the next bar: Activate Now to switch patterns immediately. If Now is deactivated, patterns switch at the beginning of the next bar in the project.

    • If you want to trigger the patterns live via a MIDI keyboard, the new patterns are always played when the next bar in the project is reached. Switching immediately would always produce an undesirable interruption in playback.

  3. Play back the project and press a key on your MIDI keyboard to trigger the next pattern.

    The pattern starts at the next bar line.

  4. Create a MIDI part and enter notes at the positions in the project where you want to switch patterns.

    Depending on the Jump mode setting, the new pattern is played instantly, or starts at the following bar.

    • You can also drag a pattern or subbank into the project with Jump mode activated to automatically create MIDI parts containing the trigger events.


    When triggering a pattern that contains sound before the first step (due to flams or lane offsets), these are taken into account as well.