Velocity Settings

When entering a drum step, the velocity setting of this step is determined by where you click: Click in the upper part of a step for the highest velocity setting, in the middle section for a medium velocity and in the lower part for the lowest velocity setting. In the display, the different velocity settings are indicated by different colors.

  • To fine-tune the velocity setting for an existing drum step, click on it and drag up or down. The current velocity is indicated numerically while you drag.

  • To fine-tune the velocity for a range of drum steps, click on the first step, drag up or down to enter velocity edit mode, and then drag sideways and up or down to modify the velocity for all the steps.

    If you change the velocity for several steps at the same time, the relative velocity differences are kept for as long as possible (until the minimum or maximum setting is reached). The velocity for the steps is increased or decreased by the same amount.


    If you hold down Shift while dragging up or down, you can change the velocity for all steps on a lane.

  • To create a crescendo or decrescendo for an existing range of drum steps, hold down Alt, click on the first step, drag up or down, and then drag to the left or right.