Playing Back Samples

After you have loaded an audio sample into Sampler Control, you can play back the sample using an external MIDI keyboard or the On-Screen Keyboard.


You have loaded a sample into Sampler Control and made all sample editing and settings. You have installed and set up your MIDI keyboard.


  1. In the track list, activate Monitor for the sampler track.
  2. Optional: On the Sampler Control toolbar, activate Fixed Pitch.

    This allows you to play back the sample in its original pitch and speed.

  3. Hit some notes on your keyboard or use the On-Screen Keyboard to play back the sample.


If Fixed Pitch is deactivated, the sample is played back and the pitch is defined by the notes you play. If you hit lower keys, the sample is played back with a low pitch. If you hit higher keys, the sample is played back with a high pitch.

If Fixed Pitch is activated, the sample is played back in its original pitch.

After Completing This Task

To use the sound of the edited sample in your project, create or record a MIDI event on the sampler track.