New Features

New Features in Version 10.0.20

More New Features

Improved Color Handling
  • Easier color set management and replacement in the improved Project Colors Setup dialog. Reintroduction of the Color tool. See Color Handling.

  • Locator Range Duration
  • Set up and edit locator ranges quickly and easily in a new dedicated toolbar section. See Setting up Locator Ranges.

  • Intensity Filter for Hitpoints
  • Filter hitpoints by their intensity with the new Intensity filter. See Hitpoint Filters in the Hitpoint Section.

  • Zoom In On Waveform Vertically/Zoom Out Of Waveform Vertically
  • Zoom in and out of waveforms vertically with the new default key commands. See Zoom Category.

  • New Features in Version 10.0.0


    Groove Agent SE 5
  • Many improvements and a new user interface enhance the best drum production tool. See Groove Agent SE 5.

  • 32-Bit Integer and 64-Bit Audio
  • The new audio engine delivers ultimate, no-compromise quality. See VST Audio System Page.

  • Latency Monitor
  • Know exactly where and how much latency is occurring. See Channel Latency Overview.

  • New Channel Strip
  • The channel strip overhaul offers better metering and functionality. See Channel Settings – Channel Strip.

  • 5 GB of High-Quality Sounds and Loops
  • Included sound content, brought to you by six highly acclaimed producers. See Media Rack in Right Zone (not in Cubase LE).

  • Effects in the Media Rack
  • Radical improvement of the plug-in workflow, with drag-and-drop functionality and improved display. See VST Effects Page.