Sampler Control

If the sampler track is selected, Sampler Control is available in the lower zone of the Project window. Sampler Control allows you to view, edit, and play back samples or specific sections of the samples.

  1. Toolbar

    Contains tools that allow you to select and edit the audio sample, to organize track presets, and to transfer the sample with its settings to an instrument.

  2. Waveform Display/Envelope Editor

    Shows the waveform image of the sample and allows you to define the playback range for the sample and to set a loop.

    If the envelope editors for the pitch, filter, or amp section are shown, you can adjust their envelope curve settings here.

  3. Sound Parameter Section

    Allows you to make settings for time stretching and formant shifting (AudioWarp section), tuning and pitch modulation (Pitch section), filtering (Filter section), or level and panorama (Amp section).

  4. Keyboard Section

    Allows you to set the key range of the sample, its root key, and the modulation range of the pitchbend wheel. These settings are used if you work with an external MIDI device.