Project Window Toolbar

The toolbar contains tools and shortcuts for opening other windows and various project settings and functions.

  • To show/hide tools, open the toolbar context menu by right-clicking in an empty area of the toolbar and activate the tools that you want to display. To show all tools, select Show All.


    The number of elements that are shown also depends on the size of the Project window and the screen resolution.

The following options are available:

Activate Project

Only available if more than one project is open.

Activates a project.

Project History


Undoes/Redoes actions in the Project window.

Constrain Delay Compensation

Constrain Delay Compensation

Minimizes the latency effects of the delay compensation.

Left Divider

Left Divider

Tools that are placed to the left of the divider are always shown.

Media & MixConsole Windows

Open MediaBay

Opens/Closes the MediaBay.

Open Pool Window

Opens/Closes the Pool window.

Open MixConsole

Opens/Closes the MixConsole.

State Buttons

Deactivate All Mute States

Deactivates all mute states.

Deactivate All Solo States

Deactivates all solo states.

Activate/Deactivate Read for All Tracks

Activates/Deactivates read automation for all tracks.

Activate/Deactivate Write for All Tracks

Activates/Deactivates write automation for all tracks.



Keeps the project cursor visible during playback.

Select Auto-Scroll Settings

Allows you to activate Page Scroll or Stationary Cursor and to activate Suspend Auto-Scroll When Editing.


Go to Left Locator Position

Allows you to go to the left locator position.

Left Locator Position

Shows the left locator position.

Go to Right Locator Position

Allows you to go to the right locator position.

Right Locator Position

Shows the right locator position.

Transport Controls

Go to Previous Marker/Zero

Moves the project cursor to the previous marker/zero position on the timeline.

Go to Next Marker/Project End

Moves the project cursor to the next marker/project end.


Moves backward.


Moves forward.

Activate Cycle

Activates/Deactivates cycle mode.


Stops playback.


Starts playback.

Transport Record

Activates/Deactivates record mode.

Tool Buttons

Object Selection

Selects events and parts.

Range Selection

Selects ranges.


Draws events.


Erases events.


Splits events.


Glues events together.


Mutes events.


Zooms in. Hold Alt/Opt and click to zoom out.


Creates a series of contiguous events.


Allows you to play back events.


Allows you to colorize events.

Color Menu

Select Color for Selected Tracks or Events

Opens the Colorize pane that allows you to colorize the selected tracks or events.


Nudge Start Left

Increases the length of the selected event by moving its start to the left.

Nudge Start Right

Decreases the length of the selected event by moving its start to the right.

Move Left

Moves the selected event to the left.

Move Right

Moves the selected event to the right.

Nudge End Left

Decreases the length of the selected event by moving its end to the left.

Nudge End Right

Increases the length of the selected event by moving its end to the right.


Snap to Zero Crossing

Restricts editing to zero crossings, that is, positions where the amplitude is zero.

Snap On/Off

Restricts horizontal movement and positioning to the positions specified by the Snap Type.

Snap Type

Allows you to specify to what positions you want events to snap.

Grid Type

Grid Type

Allows you to specify a grid type for the Snap function. This setting only has effect if Snap Type is set to one of the grid options.


Apply Quantize

Applies the quantize settings.

Quantize Presets

Allows you to select a quantize preset.

Soft Quantize On/Off

Activates/Deactivates soft quantize.

Open Quantize Panel

Opens the Quantize Panel.

Audio Performance Meter

Audio Performance Meter

The upper bar displays either the current realtime peak or the ASIO-Guard load, depending on which of the two has the higher value. The lower bar shows the hard disk transfer load of the disk engine.

For a more detailed display of realtime peak and ASIO-Guard load, click to open the Audio Performance window.

MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant

Open MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant

Opens the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant.

Right Divider

Right Divider

Tools that are placed to the right of the divider are always shown.

Window Zone Controls

Show/Hide Left Zone

Shows/Hides the left zone of the window.

Show/Hide Lower Zone

Shows/Hides the lower zone of the window.

Show/Hide Right Zone

Shows/Hides the right zone of the window.

Set up Window Layout

Allows you to set up the window layout.

Set up Toolbar

Set up Toolbar

Opens a pop-up menu where you can set up which toolbar elements are visible.