Cross-Hair Cursor

The cross-hair cursor is displayed when working in the Project window and in the editors, facilitating navigation and editing, especially for large projects.

  • You can set up the cross-hair cursor in the Preferences dialog (Editing—Tools page).

    You can set up the colors for the line and the mask of the cross-hair cursor and define their width.

The cross-hair cursor works as follows:

  • When the Object Selection tool or one of its subtools is selected, the cross-hair cursor appears when you start moving/copying a part/event, or when using the event handles.

    Figure 1. Cross-hair cursor when moving an event.
  • When the Object Selection tool, the Split tool, or any other tool that makes use of this function is selected, the cross-hair cursor appears as soon as you move the mouse over the event display.

  • The cross-hair cursor is only available for particular tools. The Mute tool, for example, does not use a cross-hair cursor, as you click on an event to mute it.