Peak Master

This is a basic plug-in that minimizes peaks in your audio file, allowing a louder mix without clipping. It is useful in taming dynamic instruments.

It is primarily used as a brickwall limiter. For example, you can limit audio peaks without altering the rest of the audio signal. In this case, set Input Gain to 0 dB and Out Ceiling to 0 dB, to achieve a clip-free audio signal. When used in this way, Peak Master is an excellent plug-in to succeed a resampler plug-in, and to proceed a dithering plug-in.

Input Gain

Values range from -12 dB to 24 dB.

Out Ceiling

This is the maximum level of the output signal. Values range from -18 dB to 0 dB.


This governs the speed at which the signal becomes unaffected after limiting has been triggered on some samples. Values range from -5 to +5.