This plug-in lets you control (modulate) the volume of clips placed on a track with the signal of one or more clips placed on the next adjacent track below it. The Ducker plug-in can only be used as a clip effect in the audio montage.

It uses the Route to options that can be found on the Track menu. You can use mono or stereo tracks for both the modulating and the upper track.


Sets the loudness threshold that triggers the Ducker. Clips on the modulator track with levels above the threshold will cause the level of a clip on the upper track to be lowered.


Sets the amount of level reduction that is applied to the clip on the upper track.

Fall Time

Sets the time it takes for the level to change from 0 dB to the set damping level.

Hold Time

When the modulating signal falls below the set threshold, this setting determines how long the level will stay reduced before it starts rising to normal level again.

Rise Time

Sets the time after which the reduced level rises to the normal level when the modulating signal falls below the set threshold (after the Hold Time).

Mix Mode

If this is activated, the Ducker outputs a mix of the two tracks. This is only useful if the Route to Upper Track Only option has been activated for the modulating track. Then this feature can be used for processing several clips through the same plug-in chain if more plug-ins have been assigned after the Ducker on the upper track.

Note that the mixed output is controlled by the upper track. If this is not playing a clip, both of the tracks will be silent.