Padshop 2.0.0

New Features
Padshop 2 is a sophisticated granular and spectral synthesizer. This instrument allows you to create complex sounds that can drastically evolve over time.
Getting Started
The tutorials help you to get familiar with the functions and possibilities in Padshop. You can experiment with the different presets and try out the available samples.
Common Editing Methods
Some editing methods are the same throughout all pages and sections of Padshop.
Plug-in Functions Section
The plug-in functions section allows you to switch between the different pages and layers, apply global settings and functions, and get further information about the plug-in.
The section in the lower left of the window contains the keyboard and the wheel controls.
Layer Section
The Layer section in the lower right of the window allows you to mix the two layers.
Synth Page
On the Synth page, you can find the parameters for the oscillators, the envelopes, the LFOs, the modulation matrix, and the step modulator.
Arp Page
On the Arp page, you can find the arpeggio and phrase player of Padshop.
FX Page
This page features an equalizer, a chorus or flanger modulation effect, and a delay effect for each layer. Furthermore, it contains the global reverb effect.
Quick Controls
Padshop provides a predefined set of 8 quick controls that can be controlled directly from within your Steinberg DAW.
MIDI Controller Assignments
Almost all parameters in Padshop can be adjusted via MIDI controllers.