WahWah is a variable slope band-pass filter that can be auto-controlled by a side-chain signal or via MIDI modeling the well-known analog pedal effect.

You can independently specify the frequency, width, and gain for the Low and High Pedal positions. The crossover point between the Lo and Hi Pedal positions lies at 50.


This plug-in supports external side-chaining. You can use the side-chain input to control the Pedal parameter from another signal source. The louder the signal, the more the filter frequency is raised so that the plug-in acts as an auto-wah effect. For a description of how to set up side-chain routing, see the Operation Manual.

WahWah Parameters


Controls the filter frequency sweep.

Pedal Control (MIDI)

Allows you to choose the MIDI controller that controls the plug-in. Set this to Automation if you do not want to use MIDI realtime control.

Freq Low/Freq High

Set the frequency of the filter for the Lo and Hi pedal positions.

Width Low/Width High

Set the width (resonance) of the filter for the Lo and Hi pedal positions.

Gain Low/Gain High

Set the gain of the filter for the Lo and Hi pedal positions.

Filter Slope selector

Allows you to choose between two filter slope values: 6 dB or 12 dB.

MIDI Control

For realtime MIDI control of the Pedal parameter, MIDI must be directed to the WahWah plug-in.

If WahWah is used as an insert effect (for an audio track or an FX channel), it is available on the Output Routing pop-up menu for MIDI tracks.

If WahWah is selected on the Output Routing menu, MIDI data is directed to the plug-in from the selected track.