Phaser produces the well-known swooshing phasing effect with additional stereo enhancement.


Determines the character of the phaser effect. Higher settings produce a more pronounced effect.


Sets the intensity of the modulation effect between higher and lower frequencies.


Allows you to toggle between LFO and Manual mode.

In LFO mode, you can define the sweep rate or sync it to the project tempo. In Manual mode, you can change the sweep manually.


If Tempo Sync is activated, Rate allows you to specify the base note value for tempo-syncing the phaser sweep (1/1 to 1/32, straight, triplet, or dotted).

If Tempo Sync is deactivated, the sweep rate can be set freely with the Rate dial.


Activates/Deactivates tempo sync.


If you are using multi-channel audio, the Spatial parameter creates a 3-dimensional impression by delaying modulation in each channel.


Sets the level balance between the dry signal and the wet signal. If the effect is used as a send effect, set this parameter to the maximum value, as you can control the dry/effect balance with the send level.

Lo Filter/Hi Filter

Allow you to roll off low and high frequencies of the effect signal.


This plug-in supports external side-chaining. You can use the side-chain input to control the modulation from another signal source. If the side-chain signal exceeds the threshold, the modulation is controlled by the side-chain signal’s envelope. For a description of how to set up side-chain routing, see the Operation Manual.