Lin One Dither

Lin One Dither is a dithering plug-in that uses advanced algorithms and offers additional noise shaping to increase the apparent signal-to-noise ratio by altering the spectrum of the low-level audio signal.


We recommend applying dithering post-fader on output busses.

Output Bit Depth

Sets the bit depth of the output signal.


Dithering changes the bit depth, but not the sample size. For example, when dithering 24 bit to 16 bit, the file is still 24 bit in size, although only 16 bits of information have significance. When processing a 16-bit file, specify the Output Bit Depth value accordingly to avoid the creation of unnecessarily large files.

Dither Control

If Auto Blanking is activated, the dither noise is gated during silent passages.

Noise Shaping

Activates/Deactivates noise shaping. Noise shaping increases the apparent signal-to-noise ratio.