Imager allows you to expand or reduce the stereo width of your audio in up to 4 bands. This way, you can independently adjust the stereo image in defined frequency domains.


Sets the number of frequency bands.


If this button is activated, a more analog-style filter bank is used. This mode introduces no latency and is better suited for live performances. If this button is deactivated, a more neutral-sounding linear phase filter bank is used, at the cost of introducing latency.

Frequency display

Shows a spectrum display and allows you to edit the band range and the output level for each band.

You can edit the output level of a band or the cutoff frequency between two bands by dragging the corresponding handle.

Output meter

Shows the level of the overall output signal.

Activate/Deactivate Band

Activates/Deactivates the corresponding frequency band.

Solo Band

Solos the corresponding frequency band.

Phase display

A phase scope for each band indicates the phase and amplitude relationship between the stereo channels. The phase scope works as follows:

  • A vertical line indicates a perfect mono signal (the left and right channels are the same).

  • A horizontal line indicates that the left channel is the same as the right, but with an inverse phase.

  • A fairly round shape indicates a well balanced stereo signal. If the shape leans to one side, there is more energy in the corresponding channel.

  • A perfect circle indicates a sine wave on one channel, and the same sine wave shifted by 45° on the other.

Generally, the more you can see a thread, the more bass is in the signal, and the more spray-like the display, the more high frequencies are in the signal.

The phase correlation meters below work as follows:

  • The vertical bar shows the current phase correlation.

  • With a mono signal, the meter shows +1, indicating that both channels are perfectly in phase.

  • If the meter shows -1, the two channels are the same, but one is inverted.

Show/Hide Phase Scope

Shows/Hides the phase scopes and phase correlation meters for all bands.


Sets the stereo width for the corresponding band.


Sets the left-right panning for the corresponding band.


Sets the output level for the corresponding band.