Application Examples

Poly Mode

In this mode, you can use Context Gate to accompany yourself during a live guitar performance using a VST instrument. To do this, you might use a guitar-to-MIDI converter: You could then program Context Gate, for example, to allow only those notes to pass the gate that are part of a four-note chord. During your performance you would then play a four-note chord every time that you want to trigger the VST instrument. The instrument plays until the Auto Gate Time is reached and fades out. For more complex performances this can be combined with an arpeggiator, without having to use external pedals to trigger the effect.

Mono Mode

In this mode you could use Context Gate to trigger variations played with a drum machine/VST instrument. To do this, you need a guitar-to-MIDI converter: You could then filter the MIDI channel using the Input Transformer (optional) and program the Context Gate to allow only certain notes on your guitar to pass the gate (for example, beginning at the 12th band). When you now play one of these notes, the note-off command is not send out and the corresponding note sounds until the note is played again, a new note is let through, or the Auto Gate Time is reached. This way you can trigger lots of different effects or notes using the high notes on you guitar without having to use an additional MIDI instrument.