Master Meter

The master meter is a multichannel true peak meter.

  1. Activate Control Room View

    Shows/Hides the Control Room section.

  2. Scales

    Allows you to select a scale according to different broadcast standards (Digital, DIN, EBU, British, Nordic, K-20, K-14, or K-12). The headroom is indicated by red lines in the meter scale.

  3. Alignment level standards

    Allows you to select an alignment level (offset) for your scale. This is unavailable for digital and K-System scales. The broadcast meter scales DIN, EBU, Nordic, and British have a default alignment level of -18 dBFS.

  4. Reset RMS and PPM Max

    Resets the measurement.

  5. AES17 standard

    Activates the AES17 standard that adds an offset of 3 dB to the RMS value.

  6. RMS/Peak meter

    Shows the RMS and peak hold values as blue lines and the peak values as gray lines.

  7. RMS Max

    Shows the maximum RMS value.

  8. Peak Max

    Shows the maximum peak value.