Touch Assist

When you use Preview mode, you may get into a situation where you change some parameters, but not others, although they belong to the same group of parameters (for example EQ settings). Touch Assist allows you to avoid forgetting some parameters while touch-collecting parameters for Preview.

When Touch Assist is enabled, the parameters of the following features are treated as groups:

  • Channel EQ module (21 parameters)

  • Aux send on/off and send level

  • Stereo panner

  • Surround panner (Left-Right, Front-Rear, LFE)

  • Insert plug-ins (only available for plug-ins with 32 or fewer parameters)

Touch Assist ensures that touching one parameter in a group will touch all other parameters in that group as well.

However, if you want to automate only one particular parameter, disable Touch Assist to avoid inadvertently overwriting any previously created automation data.


Enabling Touch Assist may lead to the creation of a large amount of automation data, causing a higher CPU load. Only use Touch Assist if the performance is still acceptable.