Changing the note-based notation input setting

You can change your default setting for whether rhythm dots, accidentals, and articulations apply to the last input note or the next note you input during note input. This setting also affects whether or not the last input note remains selected after entry when using pitch before duration for inputting notes.

For example, changing the setting to After inputting note when using pitch before duration for notes ensures the last input note remains selected after you input it, making it easier to change its enharmonic spelling when inputting notes using a MIDI keyboard. The last input note is always selected when using duration before pitch for notes, regardless of your note-based notation input setting.


  1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-, to open Preferences.
  2. In the category list, click Note Input and Editing.
  3. In the Note Input section, choose one of the following options for Specify accidental, rhythm dot and articulations in the Pitch and Duration subsection:
    • After inputting note

    • Before inputting note

  4. Click Apply, then Close.


The setting is changed in the current project and for all future projects. If you chose Before inputting note, notes do not remain selected after you input them during pitch before duration note input.