Key signatures popover

The table contains the entries for the key signatures popover that you can use to input the different key signatures available.

You can open the key signatures popover in Write mode in any of the following ways when either an item is selected or the caret is active:

  • Press Shift-K.

  • In the Notations toolbox, click Popovers Popovers button, then Key Signatures Key Signatures button.

  • Select an existing key signature and press Return.

  • Choose Write > Create Key Signature.

The icon on the left-hand side of the popover matches the corresponding button in the Notations toolbox on the right of the window.

Figure 1. Key signatures popover with an example entry
Figure 2. Key Signatures, Tonality Systems, and Accidentals button in the Notations toolbox

Type of key signature

Popover entry

Open or atonal key signature

open or atonal

Major keys (capital letters)

C, D, G#, Ab, and so on

Minor keys (lowercase letters)

g, d, f#, bb, and so on

Number of sharps


Assumes the major key for that many sharps.

3s, 2#, and so on

Number of flats


Assumes the major key for that many flats.

4f, 5b, and so on

This list is not comprehensive as you can input every possible key signature. It is intended to illustrate how you can structure your entry to input different types of key signatures.