Inputting glissando lines with the panel

You can input glissando lines between existing notes using the Ornaments panel. You can input glissando lines between both adjacent and non-adjacent notes.

  • These steps describe inputting with the default mouse input preference Create item at selection. If your preference is set to Load pointer with item, you can only input glissando lines between the note you click on and the note immediately following it.

  • You cannot input glissando lines during note input or on the last note on a staff. Instead, you can input a jazz articulation.


You have input at least two notes that you want to join with a glissando.


  1. In Write mode, select the two notes you want to join with a glissando line.

    For example, select a grace note and a normal note, two notes in different voices, or two notes on different staves belonging to the same instrument.

  2. In the Notations toolbox, click Panels Panels button, then Ornaments Ornaments button to show the Ornaments panel.
  3. In the Glissandi section, click the style of glissando line you want.
    • Glissando (Straight)

    • Glissando (Wavy)


The glissando line specified is input between the selected notes.

  • If you select a single note and input a glissando line, the glissando line specified starts from the selected note and ends at the next note in the same voice on the staff, even if this crosses rests.

  • Glissando lines do not automatically adjust around any notes or rests between the selected notes. If glissando text is shown, the text can collide with notes or rests, in which case we recommend that you make further adjustments, such as not showing glissando text for that glissando line.

  • By default, glissando line text is hidden on staves belonging to fretted instruments. However, you can show glissando line text manually.