Changing the figured bass input setting

By default, figured bass input follows your settings in Engraving Options. Therefore, the resulting figures may look different to what you entered into the popover. You can change the input setting for figured bass; for example, if you are reproducing a specific edition and know exactly how you want figures to appear.

Allowing figured bass to follow your engraving options is useful if you are unsure how to represent figures exactly or if you expect to make changes to the music later.


  1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-I to open Note Input Options.
  2. In the category list, click Figured Bass.
  3. Choose one of the following options for When inputting via the popover:
    • Follow Engraving Options

    • Follow input literally

  4. Click Apply, then Close.


The figured bass input setting is changed in the current project. This affects all subsequent figured bass you input, but does not affect any existing figured bass in the project.

After Completing This Task

  • You can input figured bass using your chosen setting.

  • You can reset existing figured bass so it follows your engraving options, regardless of the input setting when you input them.