Assigning jump bar aliases

You can assign jump bar aliases to specific commands; for example, so you can use shorter entries for your favorite commands.


  1. Press J to show the jump bar.
  2. Optional: Press Alt-C (Windows) or Ctrl-1 (macOS) to switch to Commands mode.
  3. Enter the command to which you want to assign an alias into the jump bar.

    To ensure the command is entered correctly, select it from the menu of valid commands by pressing Up Arrow/Down Arrow.

  4. Immediately after the command, enter = followed by the characters you want to use as the jump bar alias.

    For example, to assign the jump bar alias rr to the Remove Rests command, enter Remove Rests=rr.

  5. Do one of the following:
    • To perform the command and assign the jump bar alias, press Return.

    • To assign the jump bar alias only, without performing the command, press Alt/Opt-Return.


The characters you entered after the = are assigned as the jump bar alias for the specified command.


You can also assign jump bar aliases on the Key Commands page in Preferences.