Designating players as soloists

You can designate both single and section players as soloists, such as in a concerto for solo violin and orchestra. You can have multiple soloists in a single project.


You have added the players you want to designate as soloists.


  1. In Setup mode, in the Players panel, select the player you want to designate as a soloist.
  2. In the action bar, click Player Settings and choose Soloist.


The selected player is designated as a soloist.

Instruments held by players designated as soloists are not automatically numbered. Provided they have default instrument names, they are automatically given the prefix “Solo” as appropriate for the current instrument language setting, which appears in staff labels.

Soloists are automatically positioned in the conventional score position; that is, above the strings, and are bracketed separately from other players.

Choosing Soloist again, so that no tick appears beside it in the menu, returns soloists to being a normal player of their type.


You can also designate players as soloists by right-clicking them in the Players panel and choosing Soloist from the context menu.