Renaming layouts

You can rename layouts and reset renamed layouts to their default name. For example, to include the appropriate instrument transposition for layouts with transposition overrides. By default, layout names appear with borders at the top of pages in part layouts that use the First page template.


  1. In Setup mode, in the Layouts panel, select the layout you want to rename.
  2. Press Return to open the layout name text field.
  3. Rename the layout in any of the following ways:
    • Enter a new layout name or edit the existing name.

    • To revert the layout name to the player name, click Reset to Default .


    If you want to include an accidental in the instrument transposition, you can enter the appropriate token, such as {@flat@} for .

  4. Press Return.


The selected layout is renamed, or reverted to its default name.

  • Renaming layouts does not affect staff labels, which show either instrument or player names.

  • Part layout names you have changed no longer get updated when you rename the corresponding players.