Import Tempo Track dialog

The Import Tempo Track dialog allows you to import tempo tracks to individual flows within projects and to control which aspects of the tempo track you want to apply to the flow.

  • You can open the Import Tempo Track dialog by choosing File > Import > Tempo Track and opening a MIDI file from the File Explorer/macOS Finder.

Import Tempo Track dialog

The Import Tempo Track dialog comprises the following:

  1. Import into flow

    Contains a list of all the flows in the project. The currently selected flow is highlighted.


    You can only import tempo tracks into a single flow at a time.

  2. Import and replace

    Allows you to control which tempo track aspects you want to include in your import and apply to the selected flow.

    • Timecode display offset sets the initial timecode position at the start of the flow.

    • Tempo changes replaces all immediate and gradual tempo changes in the flow with the tempo changes from the MIDI file.

    • Time signatures replaces all time signatures in the flow with time signatures from the MIDI file.

    • Markers as adds any markers from the MIDI file to the flow as either Markers or System-attached Text.

      Importing markers as Markers replaces any existing markers in the flow with markers from the MIDI file, while importing markers as System-attached Text does not replace any existing markers or system-attached text items.

    • Show border around system-attached text markers adds borders to markers imported as system-attached text items when activated. Only available if you have chosen System-attached Text for Markers as.