Paper size and orientation setup

Layouts can have different paper sizes and orientation settings.


If you have selected Graphics in the Destination section of the Print Options panel, you can only change the paper orientation. No other options are available.

The Page Setup section of the Print Options panel contains the following options when you have chosen Printer in the Destination section:

Paper size

Allows you to select one of the available paper sizes from the menu. The paper sizes available depend on the capabilities of the selected printer.

Paper orientation

Allows you to choose one of the following paper orientation options:

  • Portrait

  • Landscape

Print odd final page on

For Spreads and 2-up job types only: If this is activated, you can select a different paper size or orientation for the odd final page.

This setting is useful when printing layouts with an odd number of pages on A3 paper in landscape orientation. For example, if your layout contains five pages, the first four pages fit onto two sheets of A3, while the fifth page would occupy only the left-hand side of a third sheet of A3. This setting allows you to print the odd final page on A4 paper in portrait orientation instead.

Fit to Paper

The whole page is scaled to fit the paper size selected. For example, if you select a layout with a page size of A4 and select a paper size of A3, pages in the layout are enlarged to fit the larger paper size.

Custom Scale

The page is scaled to the set percentage of its original size. For example, if you are printing a layout with a page size of A3, select a paper size of A4, and set Custom Scale to 100, the original page remains at its original size, exceeding the boundaries of the A4 paper.