Condensing Change dialog

The Condensing Change dialog allows you to change and reset notation options for condensing from selected rhythmic positions onwards in layouts. It also allows you to assign players in condensing groups to specific voices and staves manually.

  • You can open the Condensing Change dialog in Engrave mode by choosing Engrave > Condensing Change when Graphic Editing is selected in the Engrave toolbox and an item is selected in the music area.

Condensing Change dialog

The Condensing Change dialog contains the following sections and options:

  1. Condensing groups list

    Contains all the condensing groups in the current layout.

    Activating condensing groups includes them in the condensing change, which starts new phrases from the rhythmic position of the condensing change. This allows Dorico Pro to recalculate the condensing result before and after the condensing change separately, even if there are no rests at that position.

    Condensing groups show a warning icon if you have activated manual condensing for them but not yet assigned all their players to voices/staves.

  2. Notation Options section

    Contains all the condensing options from the Notation Options dialog and allows you to change or reset them for the selected condensing group from the position of the condensing change.

    The prevailing settings for condensing options come from either previous condensing changes, if they exist, or the default settings for the flow in Notation Options.

    • Because you do not have to change all options in each condensing change, the prevailing settings can cumulatively come from multiple preceding condensing changes.

    • In order to be more concise, the exact wording of some notation options is different in the Condensing Change dialog than in Notation Options.

  3. Manual Condensing section

    Allows you to assign players in the selected condensing group to specific voices and staves.

    Activating manual condensing for a condensing group shows the players in that group in the players list on the left of the Manual Condensing section. You can then allocate the players to voices/staves in the list on the right, which removes them from the players list.

    The action bar at the bottom of the list on the right contains the following options:

    • Add Staff : Adds a staff. Dorico Pro automatically assigns the top player in the players list to the up-stem voice on the new staff.

    • Remove Staff : Removes the selected staff. Any players assigned to the staff are returned to the players list.

    • Remove Player : Removes the selected player and returns it to the players list.

    • Clear : Removes all your changes to manual condensing and returns all players to the players list.


    We recommend being careful and deliberate about your manual condensing choices. Dorico Pro follows your manual condensing settings exactly, even if they produce ambiguous results.

    • You must always have at least one player assigned to the up-stem voice on a staff, you cannot only have players in the down-stem voice.

    • You cannot have more staves than there are players in the condensing group.

    • You can only assign players within a single condensing group, you cannot share players between different condensing groups.

    • Condensing changes that occur partway through systems and change the number of staves required for condensing groups, or include players switching to other staves, do not take effect until the next system.

  4. OK button

    Allows you to confirm your changes and close the dialog. You can only confirm the dialog when you have assigned all players in all condensing groups with manual condensing activated to voices/staves.