Moving tempo changes in the Time track

You can move tempo changes to new rhythmic positions in the Time track. This affects their rhythmic position in all applicable layouts.


The Time track is shown and expanded.


  1. Press S to select Object Selection.
  2. In the Time track, select the tempo changes you want to move in one of the following ways:
    • Click a single tempo change.

    • Make a marquee selection around multiple absolute tempo changes.


    For gradual tempo changes, you can only move a single point at a time.

  3. To move the selected tempo changes without changing their tempo, Ctrl/Cmd-click and drag the selected tempo change, or one of the selected tempo changes, to the right/left.

    You cannot move tempo changes beyond other existing tempo changes during the same move. Releasing the mouse causes the moved tempo change to replace the existing one. You can then reselect it and move it further.


The rhythmic positions of the selected tempo changes are changed. When you move multiple selected absolute tempo changes, they maintain their positions relative to each other. This also affects their rhythmic positions in any layouts in which they appear.

After Completing This Task

You can also move tempo changes vertically, which changes their tempo.