Applying/Resetting playback templates

You can change the playback template applied to the current project, for example, if you do not need to use playback and so want to prevent Dorico Pro from loading sounds. Re-selecting playback templates resets them to their default settings.


  1. Choose Play > Playback Template to open the Apply Playback Template dialog.
  2. Select the playback template you want to use.
  3. Click Apply and Close.


The playback template applied to the current project is changed. If you re-selected the playback template already in use, the playback template is reset.

Sounds are loaded into plug-in instances in their score order.

  • You can change the default playback template used for all future projects on the Play page in Preferences.

  • You can also load sounds just for instruments without assigned sounds by choosing Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments.