Inserting frame breaks

You can insert frame breaks at any rhythmic position, for example, to create page turns at appropriate places in the current layout.


  • If you want to insert frame breaks in the middle of multi-bar rests, you have either hidden multi-bar rests in the layout or split multi-bar rests at the required positions.

  • Graphic Editing is selected in the Engrave toolbox.


  1. In Engrave mode, select a note or item at the rhythmic position where you want to insert a frame break.

    For example, if you select a clef, the clef is placed at the end of the frame and all following notes are moved to the start of the next music frame.

  2. Press Shift-F.


A frame break is inserted immediately before the rhythmic position of the earliest selected item. All notations after the frame break are moved to the next music frame.


If you insert a frame break in the middle of a phrase in a two-bar or four-bar repeat region, Dorico Pro does not automatically move the frame break to before/after the phrase, causing it to be split across the frame break.