System objects

System objects are items that apply to all staves in the system and appear in all layouts, but are not necessary to show on every staff in full score layouts. For example, tempo marks and rehearsal marks are important for all players to see in their parts, but would cause an orchestral full score to appear very cluttered if they were shown on every staff.

In Dorico Elements, the following items are considered system objects:

  • Rehearsal marks

  • Repeat endings

  • Repeat markers

  • System-attached text

  • Tempo marks

  • Time signatures shown above the staff

  • Horizontal lines that apply to all staves

System objects automatically appear at least once in all layouts. You can show system objects at multiple positions in each system by showing them above multiple instrument families. For example, you might show them above the woodwind, brass, percussion, and string families. In an orchestral full score, this would ensure system objects are spread out evenly across the page, meaning no staff is very far from these important markings. You can also show rehearsal marks and repeat endings additionally below the bottom staff.

  • System objects are only shown above instrument families that are bracketed or braced together. You can change bracket grouping in each layout independently.

  • If the size of system object font styles is set to Staff-relative, the staff size of the top staff in each instrument family group affects the size of system objects if they are shown above that bracketed group. Font styles that are set to Absolute are unaffected by staff size.