Engrave toolbox

The Engrave toolbox allows you to change the panel shown in the left zone and to activate note and staff spacing. The Engrave toolbox is located on the left of the window in Engrave mode.

Show Left Zone

Hides/Shows the left zone.

Graphic Editing

Allows you to select and edit items in the music area or page template editor. Shows the Formatting panel in the left zone, which contains options for formatting systems, frames, brackets, braces, and barline joins.

Staff Spacing

Allows you to move individual staves and systems vertically.

Note Spacing

Allows you to edit the graphical horizontal positions of individual notes and other items, such as clefs and key signatures.

  • By default when you switch to Engrave mode, Dorico Elements automatically selects Graphic Editing . You can choose to remember your last selected tool instead on the General page in Preferences.

  • You can assign key commands for Engrave mode tools on the Key Commands page in Preferences.