Mouse input settings

There are a number of different settings that you can choose from to determine how mouse input functions in Dorico Elements.

You can set your preferences for mouse input in the Editing section of the Note Input and Editing page in Preferences.

You can choose between the following options for mouse input:

  • Create item at selection: Items are input at the position of selected items or notes in the music area.

  • Load pointer with item: Items are loaded onto the mouse pointer so you can click in the music area where you want to input the item.

You can also activate/deactivate Allow multiple items to be created with the mouse. When this option is activated, you can load an item onto your mouse pointer and input the same item in the music area multiple times without having to reselect the item each time you input it. When this option is deactivated, you can only input an item loaded onto your mouse pointer once. If you want to input the item at multiple positions, you must reselect it each time.


Changing your preferences permanently changes the functionality for the current project and all new projects.