Interactive Dorico key commands map

The interactive Dorico Key Commands map shows a virtual computer keyboard, with keys that have been assigned key commands highlighted in different colors according to the modifier keys they contain. All key commands for the selected keyboard language layout are listed below, divided into global and mode-specific groups.

You can open the Dorico Key Commands map in any of the following ways:

  • Choose Help > Key Commands.

  • In the Preferences dialog, click Key Commands in the category list, then click Print Summary in the Key Commands section.

Figure 1. The interactive key commands map as it appears when US English is selected

The Dorico Key Commands map opens in a web browser. It allows you to do any of the following:

  • To see the available key commands, select a context. The context of a key command is the mode in which it can be used. Key commands that have a global context work in all modes.

  • To highlight the keys that you can press in combination with modifier keys to form a key command, press one or more modifier keys on your computer keyboard, such as Shift or Ctrl/Cmd-Alt/Opt, or click a modifier key on the virtual keyboard. The virtual computer keyboard highlights the pressed/clicked keys and displays the assigned functions on each key.

  • To search for a specific key command, enter one or multiple words in the search field.

  • To get an overview of all available key commands, browse the key commands that are listed below the virtual keyboard. The key commands are listed according to the context in which they can be used.