Performing commands with the jump bar

You can use the jump bar to perform commands, such as opening the Layout Options dialog with the specified page already selected, in Setup, Write, Engrave, and Play modes.


If you want to perform mode-specific commands, you are in the corresponding mode.


  1. Press J to show the jump bar.
  2. Optional: Press Alt-C (Windows) or Ctrl-1 (macOS) to switch to Commands mode.
  3. Select the command you want to perform in any of the following ways:
    • Enter relevant text into the jump bar.

      When you start entering text into the jump bar in Commands mode, a menu appears that shows valid commands containing the letters/words you enter, which you can select by pressing Up Arrow/Down Arrow.

    • Enter the appropriate jump bar alias into the jump bar.

    • To show a list of up to five commands that you perform most frequently, press Down Arrow, then press Up Arrow/Down Arrow to select a command.

  4. Press Return.