Playback Technique Combinations dialog

The Playback Technique Combinations dialog allows you to create combinations of playback techniques that you want to apply simultaneously. Playback techniques are used by expression maps to assign the correct sounds to the required playing techniques in the music.

You can open the Playback Technique Combinations dialog in the following ways:

  • In the Expression Maps dialog, click Add Technique in the Switches table action bar.

  • In the Expression Maps dialog, select an existing playback technique in the Switches table and click Edit Technique in the Techniques action bar. You can also double-click the playback technique.

Playback Technique Combinations dialog
  1. Techniques list

    Allows you to select playback techniques to include in a new switch or to change the playback techniques in an existing switch.

    You can select multiple playback techniques to combine by Ctrl/Cmd-clicking each playback technique.

  2. Name

    Displays the name of the selected playback technique. If you select multiple playback techniques, each name is automatically separated by a + symbol.


    You cannot rename playback techniques or playback technique combinations in the Playback Technique Combinations dialog. You can rename the switches that include them in the Base and Add-on Switches section of the Expression Maps dialog. You can rename individual playback techniques in the Edit Playback Techniques dialog.