Key Editor panel toolbar

The Key Editor panel toolbar contains tools that allow you to select and edit notes and items in the Key Editor. It is located at the top of the Key Editor panel in the lower zone.


Allows you to select items in the Key Editor, such as notes in the piano roll editor or velocity bars in the Velocity editor, including by clicking and dragging marquee selections.

You can also select Select by pressing Shift-Alt/Opt-1.


Allows you to input notes in the piano roll and percussion editors. The end positions and minimum durations of notes follow the current Key Editor rhythmic grid resolution.

You can also select Draw by pressing Shift-Alt/Opt-2.


Allows you to set a different rhythmic duration for each unpitched percussion instrument independently, and input sequences of notes with the corresponding duration by clicking and dragging in the percussion editor.

Also allows you to delete notes by clicking them.

Only available in the percussion editor.

You can also select Drumstick by pressing Shift-Alt/Opt-3 when the percussion editor is shown.


Allows you to draw straight lines between two points. Not available in the piano roll editor or percussion editor.


Allows you to make Transform selections, and use Transform controls on the selected range. Only available in the Velocity and MIDI CC editors.

Sync Region

Copies data from the primary track to secondary tracks. Only available in the Dynamics and MIDI CC editors, and when multiple instruments are shown in the Key Editor.


Deletes the selected items.

You can also delete selected items by pressing Backspace or Delete.

Played Durations

Allows you to change when notes start/end in playback without affecting their notated durations. Displays the played durations of notes as a rectangle, above a thinner line that shows their notated duration.

Notated Durations

Allows you to change the rhythmic duration of notes, which affects the position and notation of those notes. Displays the full, notated durations of notes as rectangles.

Rhythmic Grid

Allows you to change the rhythmic grid resolution for the Key Editor. The Key Editor rhythmic grid resolution affects the minimum duration of the notes you input, the number of grid lines, and certain aspects of inputting and editing, such as the amount by which you can drag notes to the right/left. The button updates to show the current rhythmic grid resolution.

Playing Techniques

Hides/Shows the Playing Techniques editor.

Voice selector

Allows you to select the voice whose notes you want to appear highlighted in the piano roll and into which you want to input notes. Automatically updates according to your current selection.

When multiple instruments are shown in the Key Editor, only voices belonging to the primary instrument are available.

Resize Lower Zone
Resize Lower Zone button

Allows you to change the height of the lower zone.

  • You can right-click and hold in the Key Editor to access tools in the quick tool selector.

  • You can also select tools by pressing Shift-Alt/Opt-1 to Shift-Alt/Opt-6. The tool selected by each key command depends on the tools currently available in the Key Editor panel toolbar, counted from left to right.