Dorico uses boxes called frames to position music, additional text, and graphics inside the margins of pages. In Dorico Elements, you cannot input or edit frames, but frames on page templates control the formatting of pages in your project.

In Dorico Elements, there are the following types of frames:

Music frames

Music frames display the music of selected players and flows or blank staves.

Figure 1. A music frame displaying the start of a piano piece
Text frames

Text frames display text, which you can enter directly or by using tokens.

Figure 2. A text frame displaying a project title, "Sechs Lieder"
Graphics frames

Graphics frames display the images that you load into them, which can be in a variety of formats.

Figure 3. A graphics frame with image loaded


Figure 4. The first page of a piano piece. It contains a music frame, text frames for the title, dedication, and composer, a flow heading frame inside the top of the music frame, and graphics frames in the top corners.