Assigning key commands

You can assign key commands to many menu items and functions, for example, if you use a menu item frequently and want to be able to access it quickly but it does not have a key command assigned by default. You can also change existing key commands.


  1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-, to open Preferences.
  2. Click Key Commands in the category list.
  3. Search for the name of a function and select it.

    For particularly long names, you can hover over them to see a tool tip.

  4. Optional: Press Remove Key Command if the function already has an assigned key command.

    If you assign a new key command without removing an existing one, you can use either key command.

  5. Click the Press shortcut input field.
  6. Press the key command that you want to assign on your computer keyboard.
  7. Click Add Key Command.

    The key command is added to the list of assigned key commands.

  8. Click Apply, then Close.


The key command you pressed is assigned to the selected menu item or function. You can use it immediately.