Starting new projects from project templates

Dorico Elements provides multiple project templates that you can use to start a new project, for example, multiple types of orchestras and vocal ensembles.


In Dorico Elements, the maximum number of players you can have in a single project is 12, so only templates containing 12 or fewer players are available.


  1. In the Hub, select one of the following project template categories:
    • Orchestral

    • Band

    • Jazz

    • Chamber

    • Choral and Vocal

    • Solo

  2. Select a project template in the list.
  3. Click New from Template.


The project template opens in a new project window.


You can also start a new project from a template at any time by choosing File > New From Template > [Template category] > [Project template].

After Completing This Task

You can add additional players/instruments and delete players/instruments that were included in the template to customize your project.