Slash voices

Slash voices allow you to notate specific rhythms for rhythm slashes. They behave similarly to normal voices as you must input notes and rhythms manually, but all notes in slash voices are positioned by default on the middle line of the staff, regardless of the pitches you input.

If you later change the time signature, such as from 3/4 to 6/8, Dorico Pro only changes the note grouping to fit the meter just like for other notes; it does not change the presentation of rhythm in slash voices like it does for slash regions.

  • Because you can change notes in slash voices to normal voices and vice versa, the pitches you input are retained.

  • By default, notes in slash voices are not played back.

You can have multiple slash voices active at the same time. To accommodate all slash voices in multiple-voice contexts, Dorico Pro changes their staff position automatically. However, you can also change the staff position of rhythm slashes manually.

You can use slash regions and slash voices in the same project and at the same rhythmic positions; for example, you can input a slash region where you do not want to be specific about the rhythm, then input notes in a slash voice for a single bar where you want to specify an exact rhythm.