Adjusting the spacing of individual notes/items independently of their rhythmic positions

You can change the graphical position of notes according to their voice and some other items, such as key signatures, time signatures, and clefs, independently of their rhythmic positions.


  1. In the Engrave toolbox, activate Note Spacing.
  2. Select the square handle at the rhythmic position of the note/item you want to move graphically.

    A circular handle appears beside each voice/item.

  3. Press Tab to select the circular handle.
  4. Move the handle in any of the following ways:
    • Press Alt/Opt-Right Arrow to move it to the right.

    • Press Alt/Opt-Left Arrow to move it to the left.

      • If you want to move handles by larger increments, you can press Ctrl/Cmd as well as the standard key command, for example, Ctrl/Cmd-Alt/Opt-Left Arrow.

      • You cannot move note spacing handles with the mouse, you can only move them using the keyboard.


The graphical position of the selected note/item is changed without changing the note spacing of its rhythmic position. If other notes exist in the same voice at the same rhythmic position, they are also moved.

System breaks are automatically inserted at the start/end of each system in which you adjusted the position of individual notes/items.