Moving markers rhythmically

You can move markers to new rhythmic positions. However, as markers have a fixed position in time, moving markers relative to the notated music automatically changes the tempo on either side of the marker.


If you want to move a marker to a new time position, for example, if you want to move it from 25 seconds to 28 seconds, you must change the timecode of the marker.


  1. In Write mode, select the marker you want to move.

    You can only move one marker at a time.

  2. Move the marker according to the current rhythmic grid in any of the following ways:
    • Press Alt-Right Arrow to move it to the right.

    • Press Alt-Left Arrow to move it to the left.

    • Click and drag it to the right/left.


The selected marker is moved to a new rhythmic position. However, its fixed position in time is not changed. Therefore, the tempo immediately preceding the marker automatically updates so that the marker occurs at the correct time. For example, moving a marker to the right increases the preceding tempo.

Any gradual tempo changes between the preceding tempo change or the start of the flow and the marker are removed.


The tempo change affects the positions of all other markers in the flow relative to the notated music.