Jazz ornaments

Jazz ornaments are notations that are commonly used in jazz music and by brass instruments, such as flips and smears, that are positioned outside of the staff rather than beside noteheads like jazz articulations.

Jazz ornaments behave more like other ornaments than jazz articulations, in that they are items separate from notes, and so can be selected independently of notes in Write mode and added to notes in addition to jazz articulations. Because they are so commonly used alongside jazz articulations, in Dorico Pro they are also included in the Jazz section in the Ornaments panel.

You can input jazz ornaments in the same ways as inputting other ornaments rather than jazz articulations.

The following ornaments are considered jazz ornaments in Dorico Pro:

  • Flip

  • Smear

  • Jazz turn/Shake

  • Bend


Jazz articulations are not currently reflected in playback.