Arpeggios in playback

You can find options to control the playback of all arpeggios project-wide in the Arpeggio Signs section of the Timing page in Play > Playback Options.

For example, you can control whether arpeggiation starts on the beat or ends on the beat, and the speed of arpeggiation.

You can set a default arpeggio length, expressed as a fraction of a quarter note (crotchet) at 120 bpm. It can be helpful to set arpeggio lengths using this measurement instead of defining arpeggios as a fraction of their notated rhythm, as otherwise arpeggios in very slow music would play back much slower than most people intend.

As well as setting a default length for arpeggios, you can also set minimum and maximum values for the length of arpeggios, expressed as a fraction of the notated value of the arpeggio. This is to ensure all notes with arpeggio signs can be heard within their notated duration.


You can also use properties in the Arpeggios Playback group of the Properties panel to override the default playback options for individual arpeggio signs.