Inserting Dynamic Symbols

You can insert dynamic symbols in your score.


You have set up the dynamics.


  1. In the Dynamics or in the Dynamics Mapping section, select the dynamic symbol.
  2. Click at the position in the Score Editor where you want to insert the symbol.

    Mapped dynamic symbols have a different color scheme than the regular dynamic symbols.


    You can change the dynamic symbols by opening the context menu and selecting One up (+) or One down (-).


  • Crescendi and decrescendi are updated intelligently, that is, when you have inserted a crescendo between two dynamic symbols and the order of these symbols is reversed, the crescendo automatically becomes a decrescendo.

  • If you insert a crescendo symbol which is not preceded by a dynamic symbol, the assumed start value is mezzo forte.

  • If you insert a crescendo symbol which is not followed by a dynamic symbol, an end value is calculated automatically.

    For a crescendo, this is one value above the start value and for a decrescendo one value below the start value.