Tranceformer is a ring modulator effect that modulates incoming audio by an internal, variable frequency oscillator, producing new harmonics. You can use a second oscillator to modulate the frequency of the first oscillator, in sync with the song tempo if needed.


Sets the level balance between the dry signal and the wet signal.

Waveform buttons

Allow you to select a pitch modulation waveform.

Waveform display

Allows you to modify the Pitch and Depth parameters simultaneously by dragging.


Sets the frequency of the modulating oscillator.

Activate/Deactivate Pitch Modulation

Activates/Deactivates the modulation of the pitch parameter.


If tempo sync is activated, this is where you specify the base note value for synchronizing the effect to the tempo of the host application (1/1 to 1/32, straight, triplet, or dotted).

If tempo sync is deactivated, the modulation speed can be set freely with the Speed knob.


Activates/Deactivates tempo sync.


Sets the intensity of the pitch modulation.


Switches the output to mono.


Sets the output level.