LoopMash FX

LoopMash FX is a live performance effect offering DJ effects that can be controlled by a MIDI keyboard.

Quantize Note

Sets the note value on which the quantize grid of the effects is based.

Performance Controls

By clicking these buttons during playback, you can apply effects to your overall performance.

An effect is applied as long as you keep the button pressed.


The effects can be automated. The automation of effect parameters is described in the Operation Manual.


Simulates a turntable backspin.


Plays the slice in reverse.


Simulates a tapestart, that is, speeds the slice up.


Plays the slice as if scratched.


Applies a slowdown.

Tapestop 1

Simulates a tapestop, that is, slows the slice down, first lightly then abruptly.

Tapestop 2

Simulates a tapestop, that is, slows the slice down, smoothly.


Plays only the initial portion of a slice and repeats it 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 times during one slice length.


Stretches the slice over 2 or 4 slice lengths.


Sets up a short cycle over 4, 2, or 1 slice. This short cycle is always set up within the loop range that is set in the ruler. Setting up a cycle over 1 slice means that this slice is repeated until you release the button.


Shortens the slice.


Mutes the slice.

Triggering the Performance Controls with Your MIDI Keyboard

You can trigger the performance controls with your MIDI keyboard starting from C3 upwards. You can also use the virtual keyboard for triggering the performance controls (for information about the virtual keyboard see the Operation Manual).