On-Screen Keyboard Options

The On-Screen Keyboard offers different display modes as well as other options.

  • To open the On-Screen Keyboard, select Studio > On-Screen Keyboard.

  1. Note Velocity Level

    This slider allows you to adjust the volume of the On-Screen Keyboard. You can also use Up Arrow or Down Arrow for this.

  2. Change On-Screen Keyboard Type

    This button allows you to switch between computer keyboard and piano keyboard display mode.

    In computer keyboard mode, you can use the two rows of keys that are displayed on the On-Screen Keyboard to enter notes.

    The piano keyboard has a wider range of keys. It allows you to enter more than one voice simultaneously. You can also use Tab for this.

  3. Octave Offset

    These buttons allow you to switch the keyboard range to a lower or higher octave. You have seven full octaves at your disposal. You can also use Left Arrow or Right Arrow for this.

  4. Pitchbend/Modulation Sliders

    These sliders are only available in piano keyboard mode. The left slider displays pitchbend, the right slider shows modulation changes. To introduce modulation, click on a key and drag upwards or downwards. To introduce pitchbend, drag left or right.